In today's marketplace, the importance of a creative, easy to navigate, and innovative web site design and graphics that are relevant and current within this ever changing world is essential.

Kairos Graphics & Demientieff Publications is a full service web design and Custom Graphic company that can take your business to the next level. With the ability to provide you with creative and innovative design and marketing techniques, Kairos Graphics & Demientieff Publications will position your business in a strategic location that will allow you to maximize your marketing budget.

Kairos Graphics & Demientieff Publications offer its clients an assortment of marketing tools to improve your business. Brochures, flyers, rack cards, business cards, web site design, t-shirts and more are available to you for your business marketing solution. The need to outsource any of your marketing and graphic design needs ends by selecting Kairos Graphics & Demientieff Publications.

If you have been looking for the answers to your marketing and graphic design problems, you have found the right place. Our affordable services await you.

Other Services

* Business Cards
* Logos
* Postcards
* Letterheads
* Signs / Banners
* Brochures
* Book Covers
* CD/DVD Covers
* Posters
* T-Shirts
* Catalogs
* Envelopes
* Photo Restoration
* Web Design
* Web Hosting
* Newsletters
* PDF Creation
* Webzines / Ezine
* Ebooks /Books
* CD / DVD creation
* YouTube Videos
* And Much More..

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*Outsourced to one of our green friends online.

Demientiff Publications is the internet side of Kairos Graphics. We specialize in the design, layout and marketing of corporate, business and personal websites. We also design Webzines, Ezines, Ebooks and even YouTube Videos. We also can digitize your forms, articles, and other important documents for the web so others can access it in the PDF file format.

So if you are in need of a small startup business or personal website. Or if in need or a large corporate in individual website with all the works, Multiple Emails, Online Shopping Cart, Data Archiving, Picture Galleries and more we are the one stop shop for all your online needs.

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Word Definitions:

  • PDF - Portable Document Format. A format from Adobe that enables a document to be distributed on different systems while preserving the layout (.pdf).

  • Ebook - (eBooks, e-books, Ebooks...) can be anything from the digital version of a paper book, to more interactive content that includes hyperlinks and multimedia.

  • Business Identity - The complete professional image that a business wishes to project to make it recognizable and distinct from others in the industry which my include but is not limited to logo, business card, website, and letterhead.

  • Webzines/Evines - An online magazine is a magazine that is delivered in an electronic form. An online magazine may be online-only, or may be the online version of an otherwise print-published magazine. Today, most online magazines are Internet websites. An online magazine that caters to a niche or special interest subject matter, i.e. a zine, is referred to as an ezine (usually pronounced "e-zeen"). An ezine that appears on the World Wide Web is called a webzine, although webzine may also refer to all online magazines. Other names include cyberzine and hyperzine.

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* Business Cards * Logos * Postcards * Letterheads * Signs / Banners * Brochures * Book Covers * CD/DVD Covers * Posters * T-Shirts * Catalogs* Envelopes * Photo Restoration 
* Web Design * Web Hosting * Newsletters * PDF Creation * Webzines / Ezine * Ebooks /Books * CD / DVD creation * YouTube Videos * And Much More..